VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) -- Five members of the Vancouver City Council are saying Mayor Tim Leavitt blindsided them by joining with Portland Mayor Sam Adams and two other regional leaders in sending a recent letter to the governors of Oregon and Washington. The letter outlined the authors' concerns about the plan for a new Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River.

At the end of Monday night's council meeting, Councilor Pat Campbell said, If we're going to enter into new agreements, it has to be with the consensus of the council. Campbell and Councilor Jeanne Stewart both wrote e-mails to the mayor and council following news of the letter, expressing their dismay at not being consulted.

Leavitt said Monday that he feels the letter represents the needs of Vancouver and signals no change in policy. The mayor says the document came together so quickly he did not have time to talk with city councilors.

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