BEAVERTON. - Joe and Jill Wilkins are heading home soon with their new adopted son, a Haitian boy they were able to take home in the wake of the deadly earthquake.

Saturday, they were settling in with their new son, Samuel, in a Miami hotel, resting and bonding until their return home.

Just to be able to do normal family things you know, just at night play games and go off and make cookies and go to games with him or hang out and go to the zoo. we've wanted that for so long, Jill Wilkins said, we are just looking forward to starting our life together and getting back to some normalcy and I think we're just going to have a lot of fun in life.

Right now Samuel is taking a nap next to Jill in our hotel, Joe Wilkins wrote Friday on a blog of his trip to Haiti. I owe this moment to everyone who prayed so hard for thisto happen.

Read their blog.

Jill and Joe Wilkins of Portland had been in the process of adopting 20-month-old Samuel Chancelet from an orphanage in Haiti.

The orphanage was damaged in the quake. But thanks to fast-tracking decisions by the feds, a plane of children, including Samuel, arrived in Miami Thursday night, according to family spokesman David Thompson.

Joe Wilkins was lending a helping hand at the orphange. Jill flew to Miami to wait there.

According to Senator Jeff Merkley's office, adoption records were buried below the rubble. The director of the Wilkins' orphanage confirmed that during an appearance on Larry King Live. All papers were lost, she said.

We just need to get the kids out of there, Jill said. If we don't do it quickly, within the next couple of weeks, we risk the chance of never being able to do it, at least in a speedy time, she added.

In other words, children looking for homes would be left in a country scarred by increasing violence, scarce resources, and a rising death toll.

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