PORTLAND -- A Haitian school supported by two Portland Catholic churches made it through the earthquake, mostly intact.

All Saints parish and The Madeleine parish have supported Louverture Cleary School with volunteers and donations for several years. The school is also supported by 48 Catholic churches in the diocese of Providence Rhode Island and Rockford, Illinois.

Louverture Cleary opened 20 years ago. It houses, feeds and educates 358 students from the poorest neighborhoods in Haiti.

Photos:School in Haiti

Patrick Moynihan, President of The Haitian Project said the school has mostly minor damage and crews began repair work over the weekend.

We are so thankful, said Sally Kirchoff, a Portland woman who has worked at the school as a volunteer on a couple of occasions.

The school is five miles from the airport in Port Au Prince. Moynihan posted an email about visiting the city. It was tough to see to be sure. It impacted all senses. The bodies of the dead are still in inhuman arrangements, places you do not expect to see them. It is shocking and drives one to tears, wrote Moynihan.

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