Cyclists were zipping along this morning in the Rose City.

On the Hawthorne Bridge, a new bike passing lane is making it a bit easier. Some would say it's just another sign of how popular cycling has become.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is tapping into that excitement with this year's bike commute challenge.

"The fact that the challenge lasts a whole month, we hope that it gives people a chance to try it and keep trying it," Stephanie Noll, with the Alliance said.

Teams from different organizations taking part in the challenge are busy logging miles and commuting to work with the push of a pedal.

Over at the Portland Water Bureau, some employees couldn't resist.

"Trying to get more employees interested in cycling to work, If not everyday, at least on an occasional basis," says Peter Nierengarten.

He helped organize the water bureau's cycling team. About fifty people are on board.

Brian Johnson is one of those team members. For him, this year's challenge is the perfect opportunity he's been looking for.

"I kept putting it off, kept putting it off, and then when the challenge came around it gave me a reason to get started again. You know, why not," Johnson said

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance just hopes teams like this get more than bragging rights out of the 2008 Bike Commute Challenge.

"Certainly the goal is letting bike commuting be an option for more people throughout the year," said Noll.


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