PORTLAND -- The Portland Transportation Bureau plans to recover, recycle and reuse as much of the post-storm debris that's getting swept off the streets as possible.

That includes parts of broken chains and gravel added to the roads for traction.

"We don't just dump it in a landfill, we don't want to see that happen. That would be incredible waste," said Cheryl Kuck with the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

The city plans to take the broken chains to a repair shop for re-use.

The gravel will go to Sutherland Yard near the airport for screening, cleaning and reuse, saving about $50,000 on new gravel.

The city hasn't been able to calculate the complete cost of the storm yet because authorities are still assessing damage to equipment and trucks that broke down during the storm.

Arctic Blast 2008:

The city ran its crews around the clock for about two weeks and fuel costs have not been completely tabulated yet, either.

Portland's early storm estimates were $2 million. By comparison, Clark County released figures Tuesday, saying that the storm cost them around $600,000.

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