MADRAS, Ore. -- In the vacation communities above Lake Billy Chinook in Central Oregon, homeowners are on high alert as an ominous cloud of smoke grows to the west.

It is the Bridge 99 Complex fire, which was topping 7,500 acres and just 10 percent contained Saturday.

At the end of the road in the Three Rivers subdivision, Nancy Shaver is ready to go. She s loaded her most precious belongings into a silver trailer that is hitched to the family truck and pointed toward the road to safety.

Now, she looks through powerful binoculars toward the growing black cloud of smoke, trying to see as deeply as possible into the monster fire to the west.

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Just about five minute ago, the flames were just shooting up when the wind blew at it, she said.

Around 650 home sites above the lake are under a level two evacuation, meaning your stuff better be packed and ready to go.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins issued the order. He s also keeping a close eye on the blaze.

Right here, what you can see is the Bridge 99 fire, in this red area here, he said, pointing to a map.

The fire started here on the first day and then on the next day it moved these three miles to the east. So during briefing yesterday we established this imaginary line on a map that if the fire met that we would then re-evaluate our level two evacuation point over here, Adkins said.

The fire had not reached the line by Friday evening, but it was getting close.

Tom and Shelia Hunt live in Three Rivers. They re packed like so many others and have a suitcase and food for the pets waiting by the door. They re hoping for the best.

Cautiously optimistic, said Shelia. I m really hoping the wind doesn t change on us. If it does change on us we re all packed and ready to go.

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