VANCOUVER Hundreds of people lined up outside Vancouver s first legal marijuana store to open Wednesday.

The store opened with quite a celebration, including a live band and a ribbon cutting by the mayor.

The owner of Main Street Marijuana decided to limit sales to 700 people Wednesday, fearing the store wouldn t otherwise have enough supply to get through the week.

Photos: First pot store in Vancouver opens

The first people in line came all the way from Salem, setting up chairs outside the store at 4 a.m.

I think it's fantastic, it's a missed tax base we could have had a long time ago. And I know a lot of people smoke marijuana recreationally so it's nice to have a way to service those folks, said Rose Anderson from Vancouver.

I paid $60 for two grams. I can't wait for it [the price] to go down. I'm disabled so I can't wait for it to go down, it'll be just wonderful, added Dan Penticoff from Hazel Dell.

Buds and joints were professionally packaged inside the store before the doors opened to the morning s eager shoppers. The owners said they visited Colorado pot stores before planning their grand opening, to see what was working there and what was not.

They learned that edibles like pot cookies and pot brownies have been a huge business in Colorado, but Washington law doesn't allow for the sale of those types of products yet.

As for the product that is allowed in Wash., every batch of plants must first be lab-tested to weed out pesticides and mold. The product must also be classified according to how high it will make a consumer this is called THC content.

Proponents said it s a safer way to buy marijuana on a historic day.

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