PORTLAND -- The flyover ramp from northbound I-5 to 217 northbound plagued with accidents in the last several weeks had another late Tuesday evening.

A vehicle spun out, blocking the left lane for a time. It was not clear if the cause of the minor crash was the same steel joint coupling that had been identified as contributing to prior accidents.

The on-ramp has seen 24 crashes in the last six weeks. The

Oregon Department of Transportation has said it knows about the problem, and has added it has yet to make major changes.

Earlier in May, Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Don Hamilton told KGW a bridge joint has moved about a half-inch out of place in the roadway.

It s at the spot where some drivers have spin out and crashed in the left lane of the flyover ramp. ODOT said that it wouldn't be a problem if drivers were going the speed limit, and Hamilton said ODOT has installed additional signage in the area since the problems were first reported.

Motorists who are doing 35 miles an hour, the advisory speed in this stretch of road, shouldn't have any problems along here, Hamilton told KGW earlier in May. The only cars that are having this problem right now are the ones exceeding that 35 mile-an-hour advisory speed.

About 51,000 vehicles use the ramp each day.

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