SALEM -- A grand jury ruled Wednesday that a Salem police officer was justified in shooting and killing a 25-year-old woman earlier this month.

Jacklynn Rashaun Ford, 25, was shot May 9 after she ran after being stopped for a traffic violation on Watson Avenue Northeast, near Alameda Street, police said.

The woman had pointed a loaded gun at officer Trevor Morrison and had repeatedly tried to cock it before he used deadly force to stop her, according the Marion County District Attorney's Office.

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On Wednesday, a grand jury heard testimony from 11 witnesses, including civilians, police officers and the victim's mother.

The summary of evidence from the grand jury confirmed previous reports that Ford gave Morrison a fake name after a traffic stop, before running from her vehicle.

When Ford ran, officer Morrison deployed his K-9, Baco, who stopped Ford and got her on the ground inside a nearby park.

Officer Morrison gave Ford multiple orders to show him her hands, which she refused to obey, according to the summary of evidence report. Instead, she kept her right hand underneath her body in what appeared to be an attempt to grab something from her waist area.

Ford then stood and Morrison ordered her to her knees.

Ford suddenly produced a loaded revolver which she proceeded to point at Officer Morrison while she stood to face him. She frantically and repeatedly attempted to pull the hammer back., the report said.

Morrison shot Ford twice.Responding cover officers attempted first aid before Ford was taken to Salem Hospital, where she was declared dead.

A toxicology later found methamphetamine in Ford's system.

Investigators learned Ford was wanted on two felony warrants for burglary and methamphetamine possession.

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