PORTLAND The man suspected of robbing a US Bank in August 2013 pleaded guilty in a federal court Friday.

Homsley, 33, was suspected of robbing a downtown U.S. Bank on August 26.

Homsley, who was dubbed by police as the 'Where's Waldo bandit' because of his appearance, got away with a little more than $1,600. A widespread manhunt ensued before he was captured by officers in Aloha.

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Homsley pleaded guilty during a hearing in Federal court Friday morning.

I used intimidation to take $1671 in US currency which was then in possession of US Bank, Homsley said in his guilty petition.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in September. Homsley faces up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

Homsley was previously convicted in other bank robberies in 2010, including a bank holdup involving a bomb threat near Bridgeport Village. He was sentenced to 40 months for those robberies and released just days before he robbed US Bank.

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