VANCOUVER- Remember the name Nautilus?

It was one of the first companies to sell in-home fitness equipment back in the 1980's.

Things were going along very well, until they weren't. Nautilus met with very hard times. Some 900 jobs were cut and several product lines were sold.

Everything was done to cut cost and stay afloat. Since 2003 the company has had four CEO's.

Bruce Cazenave has been in charge for three years now. Cazenave was recruited to come in and workout a new strategy for the company.

It's working. The company is getting back to basics and selling direct to consumers.

In the first quarter of this year Nautilus saw its revenue increase by 21 percent.

And a big part of that is communication [so that] everybody understands what we re trying to do, Cazenave said. Before the company didn't have that.

The turnaround also meant changing the entire culture of the company.

No more huge executive suite. The company moved from what they called the Taj Mahal to more modest headquarters.

The company is now back to building more muscle for the company.

Plans are underway to build a new innovation center across from the company's current headquarters in Vancouver.

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