PORTLAND An inmate who escaped from from a Portland prison with just six days left of his sentence now faces up to two-and-a-half more years in prison for felony escape charges.

Matthew Medlin scaled a fence to escape from the Columbia River Correctional Facility early Wednesday afternoon, prompting a manhunt throughout the city.

Medlin, who is easily distinguished by the tattoos on his face, was eventually spotted by a corrections officer shortly after 10 p.m.

Portland Police officers swarmed the area and found him at a Jack in the Box restaurant on Northeast Columbia Boulevard.

A union official representing corrections officers said that type of inmate escape is rare in the Oregon prison system.

They're not often outside of the facilities, said AFSCME spokesman Tim Woolery. When they are, it's a yard event or maybe they're cleaning. Maybe they're doing landscaping. So I don't know what happened in this particular case.

Background: Inmate captured in Portland after scaling prison fence

Medlin was initially scheduled for release on May 6 after serving time for burglary, sex abuse and assault charges.

On Thursday he pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of second-degree escape, which carries a maximum penalty of two-and-a-half years in prison.

Medlin had been booked into the Multnomah County Jail 12 times before he was captured Wednesday.

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