PORTLAND -- Nearly a year after a Portland postal worker was struck by a hit and run driver, there's been no arrest. But thanks to volunteers, they just got an amazing home renovation along with 49 other Portland families.

Mike Cooley can't move or even breathe without machines. His wife, Lori, also suffers from a life-threatening illness.

Its been nearly impossible for them to maintain their 1920s bungalow since the devastating crash that turned Mike into a paraplegic.

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Saturday, more than 35 volunteers with the charity Rebuilding Together kicked into high gear and remodeled the home in a day.

They also made it wheelchair-accessible for the first time.

I have to care for him 24 hours a day and it's really tough because he needs constant care and I have a hard time keeping up, said Lori Cooley. I'm so thrilled with this, I can't thank everyone enough.

Our goal was to make his mobility inside as easy as possible, said Alika Nee, the contractor in charge of the project.

The renovation is one of 50 projects underway in Portland this weekend. More than 1800 volunteers are involved in this remarkable one day project.

They're doing everything from yard work and painting to remodeling, and even electrical work.

The thing we are so excited about is that Micheal will finally be able to get into the bathroom, something he hasn't been able to do since the crash, said Cooley.

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