Would you rather live in Alaska or Montana? According to a new poll, those are the states with the most home state pride.

But don t get too riled up -- Oregonians love their state, too.

A Gallup poll asked residents across the U.S. whether their state was the best or one of the best possible states to live in.

Seventy-seven percent of both Alaska and Montana residents said their state was the best, giving them bragging rights of the states with the most pride.

Oregon didn t quite make the top 10, but 61 percent of Oregonians still said they loved living here, putting the Beaver State solidly in the like column.

On the flip side, some people said they absolutely despise living where they do.

Only 26 percent of Mississippians saying their southern state was tops and a paltry 19 percent of people in Illinois love their Midwestern lives.

And if you thought Rhode Island might be a nice spot to settle down, think again.

More than any other state, Rhode Islanders seem to hate where they live. All but 18 percent of its residents want to jump ship, and probably should start packing their bags.

We hear Oregon is pretty nice this time of year.

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