PORTLAND The three men jailed in connection with a burglary and shootout that killed a police dog last week had attempted, but botched three other burglaries before that, according to court documents.

The three each pleaded not guilty in court Monday to several charges associated with last Wednesday s shootout. The accused shooter, 20-year-old Paul Alan Ropp (pictured, left), faces a total of 17 charges, including attempted murder and assault on a police animal.

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Court documents released Monday show a motive in the unsuccessful crime spree: easy money.

The three talked about robbing a bank or holding up an armored car, according to probable cause affidavits. But in the end, they couldn't pull off a single burglary without getting caught.

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They reportedly broke into company cars outside the Comcast building on Northeast Sandy Boulevard and stole uniforms and other items, but never made it inside.

They waited with loaded guns outside a Portland T-Mobile store several times with plans to rob it, but aborted each time because of potential witnesses, the affidavit shows.

They also allegedly planned to use smoke bombs to help them kidnap a jewelry store owner as he walked to his car, and then they thought they would drive him to several locations and force him to empty the safes.

Police said the suspects even got as far as lighting off the smoke bombs in the parking garage, but abandoned the plan when they saw a family coming off of a nearby elevator.

In their fantasies, these goofy crimes were always successful, forensic psychologist Frank Colistro told KGW Monday. So in a sense you can kind of hypnotize yourself into believing that you're actually way more competent than you are.

And then last Wednesday they broke into Blumenthal s Uniforms with the intention of outfitting themselves for a much bigger heist, documents show. They allegedly got away with ballistic vests, SWAT helmets, uniforms, smoke grenades and sample badges.

But as the men left the scene they were spotted by officers and tried to flee, crashing the getaway vehicle into a telephone pole, police said.

Two of the suspects, 25-year-old Jemaell Diamond Riley (pictured, right) and 20-year-old Steven Jeffrey Young, stayed in the vehicle and were taken into custody. Ropp allegedly came out shooting an AR-15 rifle, injuring Officer Jeff Dorn and killing his K-9 partner Mick.

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The weeks-long crime spree came to an end and all three men went to jail. An officer lost his partner and is still recovering from gunshot wounds to both legs.

Court documents show the suspects wanted an easy way to gain capital and revenue to start their adult lives. Colistro said it all comes down to laziness.

They want all this stuff but they don't want to have to work for it like the rest of us, he said. They want it right now.

No apparent history of violence for alleged shooter, burglars

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