PORTLAND -- Two unlicensed contractors with criminal histories are targeting seniors with memory issues.

Daniel Lee Gardner and his nephew Daniel Scott Gardner have a history of targeting seniors in mobile home communities. Over the past month, they have both been in and out of jail on theft charges and parole violations.

But KGW learned the pair have also worked for a78-year-old woman with serious memory problems.

The woman wrote checks for more than $1100 Daniel Lee Gardner after he knocked on her door and solicited work, even though there are 'no soliciting' signs throughout the mobile home park.

In return, she received a couple of pieces of sod in her backyard and a few shingles on her roof which she claims has never leaked.

I can't afford it and I told them this is it, said the woman, who KGW chose not to name.

They have come here several days in a row even after you said you were not going to let them in, said Kelly McDonley, a concerned family friend.

I didn't mean too, said the woman.

Unit 8 discovered that the Gardner's have more than $52,000 in unpaid fines to the construction contractors board for doing unlicensed work in Oregon.

The two men also drove the woman to the store Friday morning. She claims it was for cat food, not more money.

One other senior in the same mobile home community told us she paid the Gardner's $800 for a landscaping job they originally quoted for $60.

The Gardner's have not returned KGW's phone calls from the number they provided to the woman.

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