ALBANY, Ore. -- An Albany woman said a pickup truck driver attacked her in a road rage dispute, and now she's recovering from injuries to her face.

The Linn County Sheriff's office is waiting for surveillance video to decide if any charges will be filed in the case.

Cheyenne Ford, 18, said she was sitting in the front passenger seat of her friend's car Thursday with three other teenagers when the road rage happened.They were headed to Millersburg when, according to Ford, a pickup truck hauling a trailer cut in front of them in Albany.

Without a horn in their car, the teens said they couldn't honk at the driver. After a few turns, Ford said they noticed the same truck in front of them along Old Salem Road. She said the driver of the truck started slamming on his brakes repeatedly in front of them.

Ford said the pickup truck came to a complete stop. Then, the driver got out, yelled at the kids as they were trying to go around him, and thew a punch. She said he punched through the passenger window and hit her in the face.

However, the driver claims he did not hit the teen. He told KGWMonday that he slapped the window of the car after the teens tailgated his truck and yelled obscenities at him.

Photos taken that day showed Ford with a bloody lip and scratches on her nose. She filed a police report and got checked out at the hospital.

I was thinking that this is a real crazy guy, what was this dude doing? Ford said from her Albany home. I mean we're just kids, thank God he didn't have a weapon or anything.

She and her father posted a plea as well as the photos of Cheyenne's injuries on Facebook to help find the driver. Eventually a Facebook friend spotted the truck and trailer in Albany and helped alert sheriff's deputies.

Investigators said they will be talking with driver of the truck and looking at surveillance video from a nearby factory to determine if any charges will be filed.

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