HOOD RIVER, Ore. -- Beverage World Magazine has named Full Sail Brewing the Craft Brewer of the Year.

Editor Jeff Cioletti said he picked the Hood River brewery partly because it has some of the most celebrated eco-cred in the beer category.

Cioletti also noted that Full Sail has held fast to its local roots since its inception in 1987, and has been employee-owned for the last 15 years.

And then there's the beer.

"All-in-all the brewery has collected more than 300 awards over the years, including 120 gold medals," Cioletti said. "More than a quarter-century after its founding, its beers manage to attract acclaim on a worldwide stage."

Founder and CEO Irene Firmat said the quality and consistency of beers like Session lager and Full Sail's flagship amber are no accident.

"Our focus and vision for our brewery has always been to provide world class, elegant beers with impeccable, consistent quality," Firmat said.

"The craft beer industry has grown and changed tremendously over these 26 years, as there are now over 3,000 breweries nationwide," Firmat added. "Within this intensely competitive framework, we are thrilled that Full Sail has been named Craft Brewer of the Year."

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