VANCOUVER -- Neighbors who live on Fruit Valley Road and West 27th Street in Vancouver said they ve had enough.

A house in their neighborhood has hundreds of pounds of trash in the front yard. Neighbors said the smell from the house is nearly unbearable, and they ve been dealing with it for months.

It is arguably one of the nastiest houses in all of Vancouver.

It s not very often where you see something this extreme, said code compliance officer Randy Scrivner.

Neighbors like Kailey Shoemaker have endured the situation for months.

It s really gross and there are kids in the neighborhood, too, Shoemaker said. You don t want all that garbage laying around.

The house has been in foreclosure for months, but there are a lot of homes in foreclosure that do not look like this one.

Real estate broker Annette Chapman said the neglect is extreme.

I think it just slipped through the cracks. That s totally not the norm and that s an excessive case for sure, she said.

Chapman specializes in foreclosed houses and she said the legal owners usually hire a service contractor to maintain the property.

They have a national company that they re contracted with and these folks, that is their specialty. They clean up properties, they maintain them, they winterize them, she said.

But not at this house. The Clark County register lists U.S. Bank as the owner of the foreclosed property. Scrivner confirmed that ownership.

We sent notification to them asking them to clean out the property and really didn t get a response, he said.

When KGW called U.S. Bank, they said they are not the owners of the property and are not responsible for cleaning it up.

But surprisingly, minutes after the phone call, a crew of six workers showed up at the property and started cleaning. A sight that made neighbors, like Shoemaker, breathe a little easier.

It s the first time I ve seen anyone here in months. So it s definitely nice to have somebody doing something about it, she said.

The City of Vancouver says U.S. Bank is listed as the legal owner, but the confusion may be due to a technicality. They said the property was assigned to a trust that is overseen by U.S. Bank.

Regardless of how the mixup took place, code compliance officers sent U.S. Bank a citation for $500.

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