LONGVIEW, Wash. -- A Longview teen has admitted to killing and skinning his neighbors' pet goat because he wanted to practice his hunting skills, according to a newspaper report.

Three children found the mutilated goat over Father's Day weekend last year while they were feeding three other goats.

The goat had been hogtied, partially skinned, and its stomach was slashed.

Background: Goat found dead, partially skinned in Longview

According to the Longview Daily News, a tip last month led officials to the 17-year-old boy who admitted to the act. His name was not released.

We've never had anything like that up here, the goat's owner, Mark Ainslie, told KGW when he found the goat. The kids have been feeding the goats for years. Seeing that somebody mutilated one of them was devastating.

Ainslie told the Daily News this week he was relieved that the mutilation wasn't the work of a Satan worshipper or a sexual pervert.

He also said he was glad the boy was being held responsible for the mutilation, but disappointed he was released into the custody of his parents.

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