VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver man claims he filled-up his gas tank at the Hop 'N' Shop, and the fuel was so mixed with water, it cost him hundreds of dollars in repairs.

When I went out to start it Wednesday morning to leave for work, my car wouldn't start, said Robert Beaubien.

He knew he had a problem when his Acura wouldn t start. He had just filled his tank the night before. So he called his mechanic to come over and look at it.

We opened up the tank and found water and sediment in there. A lot of water. Probably about 16 ounces or more, he said.

Zack Hager is Robert s mechanic. After taking the fuel line apart and checking the ignition, he opened the fuel tank. Robert couldn t believe what he saw.

It looked like an oil spill with gas instead of oil. I mean it was just watery and pretty bad, he said.

Water and gas don t mix and can damage a vehicles engine. So Robert went back to the Hop 'N' Shop gas station to talk with the owner and saw the pump he used shut-down.

The owner, though, was not conceding anything.

He wouldn t give me his name. He told me if I was going to sue him I could sue Hop 'N' Shop, the name was on the front of the store, and asked me to leave, Robert said.

KGW's Unit 8 went to the Hop 'N' Shop and the owner did not want to talk on camera. But he invited us in, and showed us the fuel tank monitoring system he uses.

Each tank measuring 0.0 for water infiltration. He said all the tanks are constantly tested. He even let us dispense some gas out of the pump in question and brought a glass of water out to show us what it would look like if gas was mixed with water.

He insisted, there is no water in his gas.

But Robert s mechanic, Zack Hager said it s exactly what was in Robert s tank.

All the water settles on the bottom and the gas floats on top and it creates a distinct line in between so you can tell the difference in fluids, he said.

The owner of Hop 'N' Shop said if his gasoline contained water, every customer he has would line-up to complain, and that hasn t happened. Robert, however, said he knows of other people who may have complained.

When I partnered with my insurance company they told me there were other claims of bad gas out of that station, he said.

Ultimately, this dispute may be left for someone else to decide. Robert sid the watered gas cost him about $500 in repairs, and he wants the owner to take responsibility.

I'm probably going to sue him, he said.

Let him. I ve been doing this 18 years. He won t win. There s no water in my tanks, the owner of Hop N Shop replied.

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