AUBURN, Wash. -- A 22-year-old Washington man was arrested after carjacking a vehicle with an empty fuel tank, police said.

The truck had run out of gas along State Route 18 in south King County early Monday morning, said Washington State Patrol Sgt. Jason Hicks.

Hicks said the driver was waiting for a family member to come help him when Mason Eubanks, of Sultan, knocked on the window.

Eubanks threatened to shoot the car s owner, who fled, Hicks said. Those threats did not influence the truck s fuel-starved engine, which started only briefly and sputtered out after about 50 yards.

Eubanks got out of the vehicle just as WSP troopers arrived. He tried to hide, but was quickly found and taken into custody, Hicks said.

Eubanks was charged with robbery and vehicle theft. Troopers did not find a weapon.

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