PORTLAND The marriage of Terri Moulton Horman and Kaine Horman has now been dissolved, according to a spokeswoman for Multnomah County Circuit Judge Henry Kantor.

Kaine Horman filed for divorce after his 7-year-old son Kyron vanished in 2010 and Terri became the focus of the criminal investigation. Terri was never arrested and Kyron still has not been found.

The contentious divorce hearings focused on key issues including a psychological exam and deposition for Terri, documents that Kaine's attorneys wanted, and visitation for the couple's 4-year-old daughter Kiara.

Tuesday's ruling included agreements over the couple's bank accounts, debts, cars and home. But any possible changes regarding custody for Kiara will not be made until a future hearing scheduled for June. Kaine currently has sole custody of Kiara and Terri does not have any visitation rights.

KGW obtained a copy of the divorce agreement Tuesday and here is what the couple agreed on:

  • Terri must pay Kaine $224 month in child support
  • Kaine will continue to pay $576/year for Kiara's health coverage
  • Terri must maintain a $100,000 life insurance policy, with Kiara as the beneficiary
  • Terri gets 73.3% of Kaine's Intel 401(K) retirement plan and $6,937 in Intel stock
  • Kaine gets all of his Intel 401(K) savings plan
  • Kaine gets the Northwest Portland home they once shared
  • Terri gets the couple's Ford Mustang
  • Kaine gets the couple's Ford truck and John Deere tractor
  • Terri and Kaine are responsible for their own debts and attorney fees

Terri and Kaine did not comment Tuesday on the dissolution of their marriage.

Questions raised over evidence for Kyron case

Kyron disappeared from Skyline Elementary School on June 4, 2010 and investigators believe Terri was the last person to see him.

During the divorce hearings, attorneys argued over how their case could impact Terri in the ongoing criminal probe. Most of the argument centered on whether Terri could be forced to submit evidence or testimony that could be used against her later in the criminal case.

Lawyers for Terri insisted they would not turn over financial documents, work history or social media posts requested by Kaine s attorneys. They said Terri has been vilified. The judge ruled that Terri would not have to hand over documents. He said if Kaine's attorneys want that information, they would have to get it elsewhere.

Attorneys also debated whether Terri should be required to take a psychological exam. Kaine s side said an examination could help determine visitation and custody issues for the couple's young daughter. Terri's attorney countered that such an exam could be used to gather evidence against Terri. The judge resolved that Terri could talk to a psychologist with her attorney present, if she chose to.

Terri and Kaine got married on April 15, 2007 on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. The couple lived in a home in Northwest Portland until their marriage fell apart. Then Terri moved in with her parents in Roseburg.

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