SAN ANTONIO -- The University of Oregon football players are used to action on the field, but Friday was all about the water. Some of the ducks ditched the pigskin to visit SeaWorld.

The day began with a few members of the team, along with a few Longhorns, taking part in a sit-up battle with Takena -- one of the park's walruses. Takena took some time to get used to her new college friends, but eventually, she got down to business.

Oregon's Jason Sloan insisted that he beat out the mammal in the contest, but some disagreed.

Other players from the team had the chance to swim with beluga whales at the park. They were allowed to feed the sea animal and even had a splashing contest -- which the whales readily won.

San Antonio will find out who wins the Alamo Bowl when the Oregon Ducks take on the Texas Longhorns Monday at 5:45 p.m.

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