PORTLAND -- With just over two weeks left to negotiate, the teachers association said it's getting close to reaching a deal with Portland Public Schools.

If the two sides don't reach an agreement by Christmas break, teachers have said they will walk off the job when students return to class on Jan. 6.

A spokesperson for the Portland Association of Teachers said Wednesday that significant progress has been made toward the deal, but it's not complete yet. They still must come to an agreement over teachers' workloads and health insurance.

The district and teachers have been in talks since last April.

The district revealed details of its last offer in late November. That deal included 6 to 17 percent raises over three years, along with longer school days and three extra class days added to the school schedule.

PAT complained at the time that that proposal also called for removing caps on class sizes and possibly slashing teachers' preparation time; two issues they found very concerning.

Background: Teachers, PPShit impasse in Nov.

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