WEST LINN, Ore. Three people were arrested in connection with a drug ring that ran out of West Linn High School, but police said dozens more people were probably involved in the operation.

If they want to come talk to us first, it would be beneficial to them, said West Linn Police Chief Terry Timeus of the people helping to bring more than a pound of marijuana per week into the school. If they don t, rest assured we will pay them a visit.

Police raided the home of 51-year-old Francesco Romano Zorich, in the 1300 block of Ninth Street, on Nov. 19. He s accused of hiring high-school students to work at his marijuana-growing operation.

A week later, 20-year-old Nicholas William Joscelyn of West Linn and 21-year-old Conner Lee Krug of Eugene were arrested on drug trafficking charges related to operation. All three suspects bailed out of jail.

Background: 3 arrested in West Linn high school drug ring

To be completely honest it really pisses me off that adults are selling to kids, Timeus told NewsChannel 8. I mean, adults smoking marijuana, whatever. But when you start selling to kids, it really irritates me.

So far, police have seized 10 lbs. of marijuana, $18,000 in cash and a handgun in connection with the raid.

Investigators believe up to 50 students may have been either selling or buying marijuana in the school, and they plan to track them all down.

School officials said the district has been proactive about dealing with the drug issue.

We will take appropriate action and make appropriate comments as we are informed of findings by West Linn police, a school spokesperson said.

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