PORTLAND -- Big box stores seem to get all the attention on Cyber Monday, but the big day is just as important for small local companies.

At Moonstruck Chocolates, for example, it s the busiest time of the year. The orders started pouring in Sunday night and won t stop until December.

That means stepping up production and adding more people to keep up with the demand. The draw at this time of the year is the holiday collection of handmade and decorated chocolates.

This year Moonstruck is adding another taste of Oregon, using spirits from six local distilleries. Four and half pallets of chocolates will be sent out Monday.

Master Chocolatier Julian Rose said orders have been coming in from all over the country. In addition to individual orders, small specialty shops nationwide are stocking up on Moonstruck chocolates for the holidays.

Moonstruck s Cyber Monday deal: a 10 percent discount and free shipping with any order of $60 or more.

To make sure each products arrives in perfect condition, the company makes test shipments around the country of each product. They also monitor the weather conditions before choosing how the chocolates will be shipped.

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