PORTLAND -- The Portland Police Bureau s Professional Standards Division is investigating an officer who used a racial slur that was caught on cell phone video.

Officer Michael Hall uttered the slur during a verbal exchange with a rowdy crowd.

We look at police officers to use professionalism, protect us, not degrade us or harm us, said Rev. Roy Tate of Christ Memorial Community Church. I think it was poor judgment on his part.

The incident is the latest in a string of negative run-ins between the Portland Police Bureau and the African American community. An officer shot and killed an unarmed Kendra James in 2003. Another officer fatally shot Aaron Campbell, also unarmed in 2010.

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Both cases led community leaders to call for major reform at the Bureau.

Chief Mike Reese responded to this latest tension.

My expectation as Chief is that all Portland Police officers treat people with respect and dignity. The video warrants an internal review to determine when, where, and what occurred.

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