SALEM -- Classmates of a Salem teen who died after falling off the trunk of a moving car last Friday are hoping T-shirts and a memorial at her school will help spread a message about the serious risks of a dangerous game.

Marisol Quesada was messing around with friends in a WalMart parking lot packed with nearly 30 teens when she slid off the moving car and fell to the ground, according to Lt. Steve Birr of the Salem Police Department.

She wasn't the only girl on the car and this wasn't the first time a teen has ridden on the outside of a vehicle for fun. But friends watched in horror as the game turned dangerous, the driver took a fast turn, and Quesada smacked her head on the ground.

Background: Salem girl dies after falling off trunk of car

Don't go out doing things that can have bad consequences, Quesada's friend Elias Bastida said outside her memorial Wednesday. You guys need to be safe because people end up being gone.

Quesada was rushed to Oregon Health & Science University where she died Monday morning. The other teen also fell off of the trunk. She was expected to survive her injuries. The 16-year-old driver was not hurt.

Quesada was a junior at North Salem High School. Amemorial for the vibrant 17-year-old was set up with flowers at the entrance of her school Wednesday. Students also wrote messages about the senseless tragedy on candles placed at the memorial.

Students need to be safe, they need to make good decisions and they need to know that death has no age, said North Salem High School Principal Cynthia Richardson.

Two candlelight vigils were planned for 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Salem High School. The public was welcome to attend.

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