PORTLAND -- It was two years ago when filming started on the TV show Grimm. With it began the state s love affair with Hexenbiest, Reapers and Blutbaden. That s because the show has been a major economic catalyst for local TV and film production.

We were excited to be in Oregon, said the show s executive producer Sean Hayes two years ago when he first brought the production to Oregon.

Since then local business has benefited.

I know memberships in the union and trade associations are up 30 to 40 percent since Grimm started, said Vince Porter, executive director of the Oregon Office of Film and Television. Grimm has spent well over $100 million in our state just in the first couple of years.

That s money spent on local crews, equipment, special effects and more.

Suzie Schiedel of Linoleum City has sold flooring materials to the production.

Dan Bernath gives Grimm driving tours of Portland for $99 a piece.

I regal them with my Hollywood horror stories, Bernath said. It's really interesting to watch people s reaction to things around Portland.

Oregon lawmakers have increased tax incentives from $6 to $10 million in order to bring even more film and TV productions to the state.

That helped attract Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon, now filming in Ashland.

For those who give us the Grimm reality every week, actor Silas Weir Mitchell said there s only one thing that really matters.

If the fans like it, you're doing something right, he said.

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