BEAVERTON -- Student leaders at Beaverton's Valley Catholic School are planning for Pink Week but it's a word that rhymes with pink, think, that's at the center of their efforts to stop cyber bullying.

Simple posters that spell out T.H.I.N.K. with the five questions are in hallways throughout the school:

  • T stands for is it true?
  • H is for is it honorable.
  • I is for inspiring.
  • N is for is it necessary?
  • K is for is it kind?

The T.H.I.N.K poster says it perfectly because it makes the children stop and think about what it is they're actually about to put on social media said Valley Catholic teacher Mary Donovan. Think before you hit the send button.

The poster came from the Oregon Association of Student Councils. It was on their website as a way for student leaders to take on cyber bullying.

Students said that social media bullying has become common because it s less confrontational.

People are more inclined to do that than go up to someone and say it to their face said Valley Catholic student Madeline Henningsen. It's a way you can be a coward and still be a bully

Some teens said the latest way to bully is called subtweeting.

Names aren t ever mentioned and it can still be just as effective, said student Carter Buuck. All high schoolers have certain insecurities and just reading one thing that makes them think Hey, that refers to me, can send them on a downward spiral

The T.H.I.N.K. posters have been on walls since the start of the school year. But social media has carried the message well beyond the Beaverton campus.

A Facebook post on the Valley Catholic page showing the sign has been viewed and shared more than eight thousands times.

It's really snowballed and it's picked up a lot of followers, said Buuck. We believe it's made a difference.

Henningsen agreed.

There's definitely a lot less bullying going on, she said.


KGWreporter Cathy Marshall contributed to this story.

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