PORTLAND -- Police say a man who robbed a Southeast Portland cafe Thursday night fired multiple shots inside the bar but didn't hit anyone.

The man ran from Mr. Dealers Double-Up Cafe at 12306 SE Powell Boulevard with an undisclosed amount of money.

One of the rounds the robber fired traveled across the street and broke a window at a nearby pawn shop.

Surveillance video shows the suspect walking around the bar. In the video, you can see the robber pull out a pistol, demand cash and fire off six rounds. The robber tried to fire another round at a customer playing video poker but was out of bullets.

On bit of advice for every bartender and every store owner, when these people come in and demand something, give it to them. Because if you don't give it to them right away this is what happens, said bar owner Larry Olsen.

In a statement, police say officers and a K-9 team searched the area but didn't locate the man, who was described as wearing all-dark clothing.

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