PULLMAN, Wash. -- The heated exchange between WSU and Idaho coaches Mike Leach and Paul Petrino may have been sparked by Washington State's last minute 4th down stand to retain the 42-0 shutout.

WATCH: Uncut video of the Petrino and Leach's exchange

The lengthy drive started with primarily 2nd teamers on the field for WSU. But Leach reinserted starters toward the end to preserve the shutout. One of those players, safety Deone Bucannon, said after the game that he got subbed back in as Idaho was being held at 4th and Goal from the one yard line.

The coaches exchange after the game got heated at one point. It appeared the Petrino shouted something at Leach that prompted Leach to yell an expletive.

Petrino then seemed to yell, Was Deone back in the game? referring to Bucannon. Leach then replied with, I don't have any problem with it.

At that point, Petrino asked, What if he had gotten hurt? Beyond that, it is nearly impossible to understand the coaches over the crowd.

KREM 2 Sports asked about the matter again on Monday. Coach Leach said he did not know why Petrino was so upset. He also said that if he did know, he wouldn't share it with us.

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