STEPHENTOWN, N.Y. -- After a former NFL star had his home trashed by hundreds of partying teens, he reposted their social media pictures of the party. Now their parents are reportedly threatening to sue him.

On Labor Day weekend, former lineman Brian Holloway was away from his upstate N.Y. home when about 300 kids broke in and had a huge party, causing $20,000-$40,000 in damage, he said.

They also posted countless photos of themselves partying at his house.

Holloway was alerted to the social media posts by his son. He then made a website,, where he republished their (public) media.

Holloway hoped to shame the kids and their parents into helping him repair the extensive damage. He also hoped the experience would help teach the kids a lesson about drugs and alcohol. Now he says a number of their parents have threatened to sue him, according to The Gothamist blog.

The player responded that after his years in the NFL lining up against the likes of Lawrence Taylor, he won't be intimidated.

For his part, Holloway scheduled a BYO BBQ party at his house in honor of veterans, and said he still hopes some of the kids will step forward to help out with the repairs.

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It's not the first highly public attempt to use social media to shame wrong-doers. The New York Times reported on the case of the Stolen Sidekick to illustrate how social media can be used by individuals to empower themselves in situations where traditional, large organizational solutions did not help.

The friend of the woman whose Sidekick mobile phone was stolen used social media to identify and, in a very public way, shame the thief. Ultimately, the thief was arrested and the phone returned.

Brian Holloway said he just hopes he gets his house fixed.

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