PORTLAND -- The Pearl District Neighborhood Association voted Thursday night to release funds for legal action against the city of Portland over the pending move of a homeless camp.

Many neighbors believe the city violated laws in order to move the Right to Dream Too encampment from Old Town to the Pearl.

That's not how the city of Portland works and that's not how the state of Oregon works, said Patricia Gardner. Public process is part of our DNA and it should be respected.

Some neighbors in the Pearl are worried about their safety and property values if the camp moves to the area. They are also worried about the homeless.

With winter coming and these people living under the bridge it's not going to be a pleasure, said Gunter Hiller.

They need to get serious to find solutions that are long term and make a difference, added Gardner.

Commissioner Amanda Fritz is the muscle behind the proposed move. She told Newschannel 8 in an email that she didn't know what grounds the association would have to sue, because the new site is owned by the city.

The city will make sure all necessary approvals are obtained to allow Right to Dream Too to use the new site legally, she said. It is not yet clear what approvals are needed. The process over the next 30+ days will include multiple opportunities for public input.

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