PORTLAND -- TriMet's new mobile ticket app is up and running, which means passengers can bypass the ticket machines and purchase fares on their smart phones instead.

The app requires users to type in their debit or credit card numbers and then chose what type of ticket they want.

The phone will then display a QR code which passengers can show to fare inspectors on the MAX or TriMet buses.

“It [the new app] looks great. I do my airplane tickets on my phone, so I guess it makes sense to do TriMet on it, too,” said passenger Suzanne Jones.

“Technology moves on and on,” another passenger said. “I was thinking TriMet would come up with this eventually because it's Portland and Portland is so TriMet based."

The app is free for Apple or Andriod users. It’s not available on windows-based phones just yet. To get it, just search “TriMet” in the app store.

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