NEW YORK, NY -- Greek-style yogurt maker Chobani has recalled some of its yogurt cups from grocery store shelves over isolated quality concerns stemming from customer reports of foul-smelling, sour yogurt, which some customers said made them sick.

The company initially said it was only doing a voluntary pull, but then it issued a formal recall after all. The affected products have the code: 16-012, with expiration dates 9/11/2013 10/7/ 2013.

Chobani said that most of the affected products have already been pulled from shelves. The company, based in New Berlin, N.Y., said the affected products came from its Idaho facility which represents less than 5% of total production.

Customers described the problem containers as looking bloated and said the taste was metallic.

A mom in Port Orchard, Wash. told The Oregonian the yogurt made her family sick. She said her and the kids ate the vanilla-flavored, lemon-flavored and banana-flavored yogurt cups.

Many parents chose the Greek yogurt for their kids because it has double the protein and half the carbs and salt as regular yogurts.

Chobani posted a statement on its Facebook page apologizing for the quality issue and explaining that customers can fill out an online form if they have purchased products that need to be replaced.

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