PORTLAND -- City Commissioner Steve Novick wants to see some changes to how the city handles parking for people with disabilities.

Currently, drivers who have placards for disabled parking can park on city streets for free for as long as they want.

During a recent tour with a meter enforcement officer, Novick said he was stunned to see that, within five blocks of City Hall, more than half of the vehicles had those placards.

Novick said it doesn't just hurt businesses that need the parking spots. It also blocks spots for other drivers with disabilities who need them.

The thing is, the city doesn't have any control over who gets the placards. The DMV issues them and doctors sign the notes for people, so we have no idea of the reasons why doctors sign those notes. What he know is, when you have half of the spaces within city hall that are occupied by placards, that's a problem, Novick said.

Novick sent a letter to the city's disabled parking task force, saying he hopes to see a solution in the next few months.

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