PORTLAND -- When a local mom came up with the phrase My glasses give me superpowers to boost her young son's self-image, she had no idea how much she'd end up helping kids all over the country.

Those who needed glasses as kids know all about getting teased sometimes, and that can make kids feel a little awkward.

But when kids are born needing glasses and other kinds of corrective eyewear, they can have a whole other set of self-esteem issues.

Scott Butler, who is 15-months-old, is starting to see a lot better after he was born with a congenital cataract. He'd have to wear a contact lens in the bad eye, and a patch over the good one, with glasses on top of all of that.

His look tends to get attention, so his mom, Jessica Butler, designed her own solution.

I want him, as he is growing up and starting to recognize people noticing his patch, to not be embarrassed about it, she said.

Because Jessica can't stop the public's natural curiosity, she figured she'd really give people something to stare at and came up with the Glasses give me super powers shirt. That shirt even comes with a cape.

Butler is a designer and started churning out pro-glasses and pro-patches kids wear from her home near Banks. A Kickstarter campaign turned into a website, which then turned into a success.

We ve sold out of most of our shirts. It s been great and we had to put in a new order to get more shirts, she said.

Now kids from all over the country are sporting Butler's designs. They're proud of their eyewear but also hoping it helps us all to see past it.

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KGW reporter Reggie Aqui contributed to this report.

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