PORT ANGELES, Wash. -- The 28-year-old drummer from Portland ska band Smash Bandits died after a fall while climbing near Mount Olympus' summit on Saturday.

Spokeswoman Barb Maynes with the Olympic National Park said Grey Liston was climbing with a companion near the summit on the east face of the mountain when he fell in to an area of rocks and glacier.

Other climbers in the area reportedly saw Liston fall. One of those climbers, a paramedic, reached the location where Liston landed among rocks and glacier ice, and reported that he had died.

Using a helicopter, park officials were able to get the body off the mountain by about 8 p.m. Saturday.

The band posted on it's Facebook page acknowledging the tragic death of their drummer and friend.

You never think these things will happen to those who are really close to you; To people you genuinely care about. We are extremely sad to say, our close friend, and drummer, Grey Liston is no longer with us. He gave his life to something he loved to do, and that's just the kind of guy Grey was, the post reads.

Visit Smash Bandits Facebook page and read the full post here.

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