SANDY, Ore. -- A 16-year-old Sandy girl's report that she was attacked over the weekend is not consistent with investigators' findings, police said.

Just after 11 p.m. Saturday, officers found the teen at home with cuts on her face and several broken bones, said Sam Craven of the Sandy Police Department.

The girl said she had been assaulted by three men while she was riding her bicycle. The girl's boyfriend had found her on the side of the road and carried her home, her aunt told KGW.

Background: Sandy teen suffers broken bones in reported attack

Investigators don't believe the girl's injuries are consistent with an assault, Craven said Wednesday. The girl's boyfriend and his mother were interviewed again and investigators are confident they were not present when she was injured.

He said the girl had been unable to provide the location of the reported assault and offered only vague descriptions of the suspects.

Officers have continued searching for a crime scene and have not found one, Craven added. Investigators are hopeful they will be able to provide a complete explanation to the public after the girl is interviewed again next week.

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