EAGLE POINT, Ore. -- A school district in southern Oregon is considering arming some of its staff members to protect students from school violence.

The Mail Tribune reports the motion to train and arm teachers came up at Wednesday's school board meeting in the town of Eagle Point, just north of Medford. The motion was brought up by board president Scott Grissom.

Grissom says school shootings in California, Colorado and Connecticut create a new reality. He says the first minutes of an armed attack require an armed response.

Under Grissom's plan, employees approved by the board would be trained in firearm safety. Those staffers would be allowed to carry firearms on school property during school hours, at school-sponsored events and board meetings.

They would also receive extra compensation for their additional position expectations, as well as liability insurance.

Grissom says his plan would have a deterrent effect on those who might be plotting violence.

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