OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The driver of an oversized load has told investigators he felt crowded by a passing vehicle before striking an Interstate 5 bridge that collapsed.

A preliminary report released Tuesday by the National Transportation Safety Board says that the driver of the oversized load moved to the right in order to accommodate a passing truck and trailer. The right side of the bridge has a lower clearance.

NTSB investigators say the oversize load collided with the far right side of the truss structure, resulting in the collapse of the bridge into the Skagit River. The driver reported that his load was 15 feet 9 inches tall while the lowest portion of the bridge braces was 14 feet 8 inches. The pilot car driver said the clearance pole mounted on the front of the car was set at 16 feet 2 inches.

Investigators are looking for the truck that passed the oversized load.

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