PORTLAND Beast Fit Nation in Portland offers free workouts, the only catch is you have to pay it forward.

(It s) the world s first free gym. Everything is free you don t have to pay me a dollar, said Sergio Jones, founder of Beast Fit Nation. All you have to do is promise me you ll do three random acts of kindness after you leave. You will help out somebody else.

Those who work out at Beast Fit Nation love the idea and motivate each other in their grueling workouts. Not only are members motivated to get in shape and work on their bodies, they are part of Beast Fit Nation to work on their lives.

After coming here, I do as many random acts of kindness as possible throughout the day, said Brandon Stevens, a student at Portland State University.

You will help your neighbor, pay for the person behind you, call up a friend you haven t talked to in a while, tell them you miss them, Jones said. Do something else for somebody else.

Beast Fit Nation, which is located at Southwest 16th Avenue and Southwest Jefferson Street, is about more than just fitness. Members see the gym as a whole movement to help out others.

Many of the members are students at Lincoln High School, which is right next door to the gym.

Now I m looking for people that need help around me, said Lincoln High School student Joe Angyus. Do they need to open the door? Do they have coffee in their hands? Do they need an extra 20 cents to pay their bill in front of them?

Instead of charging its members, Beast Fit Nation goes to other businesses in the community and asks for sponsorship.

The gym is a big hit with its members, with many people seeing great results from the grueling workouts. But it s everyone else in the Portland community that gets to benefit from the workouts.

If you want to learn more about Beast Fit Nation got to its web page here.

KGW photojournalist Cory Long produced this story.

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