PORTLAND Tuesday marks three years since Kyron Horman, who was seven years old at the time, vanished from Skyline Elementary school.

In an interview with KGW, Kyron's father Kaine said it was hard to believe three years had passed, but that he was still hopeful he ll see Kyron again.

There s so many things I d want to say. The last thing that I told him is that I loved him and I d tell him the same thing, Kaine said Monday. I love you, man. Life s not the same. And we miss you. And we ve got so much to do together still.

Kyron disappeared from Skyline school on June 4, 2010. His stepmother, Terri Horman, drove him to school that day. She later told investigators she last saw him walking down the hallway toward his classroom.

She was never arrested or charged, but Kaine Horman and Kyron s mother have long said they believe Terri had something to do with the disappearance.

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Kaine Horman said the case of three women rescued in Cleveland after ten years of imprisonment gives him hope that Kyron will one day be found.

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Kaine said he plans to spend the somber anniversary with friends and family. And he said he ll continue to raise awareness for as long as it takes.

Until we have any concrete information one way other another, he said, we have to continue to pursue the fact that he s still out there and that he s going to be brought home. It's just a matter of when.

Investigators continue to receive tips about the case. Anybody with information is asked to contact the Multnomah County Sheriff s Office.

Meantime, Kaine Horman continues to speak out to Kyron. In his KGW interview, he urged his son to make a phone call or contact someone, and to immediately identify himself.

We just want you back, Kaine Horman said, so we can get back into that groove, and get you in with us to experience everything that we re experiencing today.

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