PORTLAND - It s crunch time for children young and old trying to come up with the perfect present for Mother s Day.

For guidance, there are all kinds of surveys for 2013 tracking what moms do and don t want on May 12th.

Marketing metrics firm the NPD Group says first and foremost, moms want something homemade. Secondly, they request a day off and the third most common preference is a spa day.

We have kids who save up their allowance and come in, said Michelle Fitzhenry the owner of Occasions in Northwest Portland. They go for the earrings or the necklace they think their Mom has had her eye on.

Fitzhenry owns the gift shop with her mother, Chris Monfor.

I would check out our books first and then the frames and our bath and body products are also popular. I like the bubble bath packaged like a bottle of wine, said Monfor.

Another survey by shows only 10 percent of moms want the house cleaned, 25 percent want a photo keepsake, 30 percent want something for the garden and 25 percent want a vacation.

Others results from show 50 percent don t want to go out to dinner (but that means 50percent do) and only 8 percent want to get dressed up.

When it comes to flowers, 67 percent of the 2,000 moms surveyed said they don t want them and 90 percent don t want a World s Best Mom gift.

Whatever you get, don t forget the fancy wrapping, remarked Monfor, It can be great on the inside and fabulous on the outside as well.

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