PORTLAND -- Monday's temperature dip to near-freezing was likely, for much of the metro area, the end of freezing temperatures until next fall.

For those who live in outlying areas, such as Battle Ground and Hillsboro, the average final freeze is roughly May 1. The average final spring freeze for the Portland city center is closer to April 1st.

The current batch of cold air overhead will exit Wednesday. As much warmer air builds this weekend and much of next week, it appears the threat of freezing temperatures for the majority of the metro area will end. The green light will be illuminated this weekend for planting annuals and other tender vegetation.

If PDX stays above freezing for the remainder of spring, the period of freezing temperatures will hold at a short 71 days. PDX did not freeze last fall. In fact, the first freeze occurred on Dec. 29. The last freeze was March 9.

The average growing season for Portland is 223 days. The above dates would give the past 12 months a growing--meaning frost-free--period of 294 days.

KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill

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