SALEM -- Police say scammers claiming to be troopers have been placing recorded phone calls to some people in Oregon.

Oregon State Police says troopers don't call you, demanding payment for traffic tickets.

The calls may begin with a siren sound. They ask for $154 for a traffic ticket and say it should be paid by phone using a re-loadable debit card. Oregon State Police warned these calls are fraudulent and should be ignored.

A voice on the recorded message identified himself as Alex James Murphy with the Oregon State Police, and stated a bench warrant had been issued on an unpaid speeding ticket issued on Interstate 205, according to the Oregon State Attorney General.

James Kelly is one man who was lured in by a similar call.

I don t claim to be the perfect angel when I m driving, especially going home after work ... It was very possible, I m not denying that, he said.

But as a tow truck driver at a police impound lot, Kelly has heard a lot of lies and didn t fall for the scam.

The call gave further instructions to get a Green Dot MoneyPak re-loadable debit card, then call back another phone number with an (203) area code and provide the card number and security code to pay the citation and avoid further legal action.

In another scam, an officer claims to be conducting an investigation of counterfeit money. They ask you to withdraw cash so that they can inspect it.

Portland Police Bureau and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office each received reports of scammers, posing as detectives, conning just two people out of more than $50,000.

Anyone who comes across such scams should call the Oregon Department of Justice at 1-877-877-9392 and request a complaint form be mailed to you or visit

KGWReporter PatDooris contributed to this report

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