PORTLAND - A T-shirt with the slogan Feelin' Thorny? has been pulled by Portland's new women's pro soccer team, a day after a Facebook page protesting the slogan was created.

The blog Prost Amerika reported on Thursday about the Facebook page, called Discontinue Portland Thorns Feelin' Thorny? Merchandise and the controversy over the slogan. By Friday afternoon, the page had 135 likes and included numerous posts by those upset over the slogan.

On Friday, the club made the decision to pull the shirts from sale, according to a report by The Oregonian. Timbers CEO Mike Golub said the shirts were selling well since going on sale this week, and that it was created as a funny, playful twist, according to the paper, but was pulled out of respect to those who expressed concerns.

The Portland Thorns are one of eight women's pro soccer squads set to begin their pro season in the next month.

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