PORTLAND -- A Portland company launched a new business platform Tuesday that will allow users to buy things like tickets, music, or even a cup of coffee through social media.

It s called Chirpify and it is described as the social commerce and payments platform on the company website. Creators said Chirpify takes the complication out the transaction and it's the next evolution of e-commerce, without the hassle.

Chirpify connects users to the companies they like and trust and then allows them to buy and sell items online.

People using Chirpify simply sign up by filling out their credit card and identity information and then with one click, they can buy things including items they spot on Facebook or things that friends have for sale.

Chirpify partnered with Paypal to handle all the transactions. Many national and local companies are already on board, including the Timbers, Trailblazers and Adidas.

Chirpify is simplifying the way that we look at transacting online in-stream. Going from a traditional shopping art experience that has many steps involved and simplifying to a point where you can just reply with a simple statement such as buy and purchase an item, explained Sarah Schroeder with Chirpify.

Country music star Tim McGraw used Chirpify on his Facebook page when he promoted the special limited edition vinyl version of his newest record and it sold out in a matter of minutes.

Chirpify is the first graduate of Upstart Labs in Portland, where companies with a good ideas get advice on how to develop their projects.

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